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Review of Fade Away Sleep Sounds

Babies cry, what’s new?

I am fortunate enough to have a very contented little baby in my youngest, which I know, is an absolute blessing.

You might be surprised however, that this has it’s disadvantages.

She may be the happiest soul I know, most of the time, but she is also a baby. And babies cry. Babies also have growth spurts, they teeth and they get colds.

The only way they can communicate is crying and so when you are accustomed to a dreamy child most of the time, on the odd occasion that they let rip with the call of the baby, it can break you slightly. Particularly as, being the youngest in competition with a 2 year old, she has learnt that when she needs to cry, she really does make it worth her while.

In previous posts, I have described her as sounding like a terradaptor, which is no exaggeration.

Fade Away Sleep Sounds

When this outburst occurs and it’s a cold or it’s teething, generally you can sort out the crying levels and everyone regains sanity and sleep again fairly quickly. However when it comes to growth spurts, there is not a lot you can do about the crying.

There are theories that babies cry during this time because they are ‘overwhelmed’ with the growth spurt. Well, if you grew 1cm taller in a few hours I suppose you would feel a little bit strange. Or if you were finding yourself starving hungry, then exhausted, and then wake up and suddenly find you can see a new colour – wow! Yes, you would feel a bit overwhelmed.

Just. Go. To. Sleep.

With my first, the manic crying happened a lot in the first few weeks and months, growth spurt or no growth spurt. Ouch.

I remember using the hairdryer as a white noise sound or putting the hoover on, us both falling asleep and waking up in a hot room.

I was desperate, and both white noise methods seemed to work. However in my desperation I didn’t consider what a fire hazard this was as well as a drain of electricity (a mother on the quest for sleep doesn’t really give a damn about much, let’s face it).

When my husband was at home too, we would put our eldest in the car. We would drive an hour up and down the A38 and of course, you know what happened – when we finally pulled into our parking space with the sleeping babe, she would wake up.

The horror. Back in those days to prevent pointless car journeys and house-fire, I decided to look for an app. A white noise app.

I eventually found one with lots of annoying pop up adverts and it’s since been deleted…I don’t need to trial a new game or watch an advert for mayonnaise.

I just want to get my child to sleep!!! I also found with the app I used, that the track would end. And the baby would wake.

So recently I was approached by Fade Away Sleep Sounds to trial their downloadable sounds. We had just come out of the 6 month growth spurt and a house move. Whilst baby was sleeping again, I ironically found that I could not.

So rather than choose two free sounds to trial for baby, I chose one for myself: Ocean Roar, and another for the baby: the Car Ride (since I really can’t be doing with putting the toddler and baby in the car at night!) I gave it a listen just at my desk first, and noticed that both tracks had a very slow, very gradual fade to silence at the end of the track, which would help with the problem I’d had with it ending abruptly.

I was pleased to also find the website very clear and easy to navigate.

Nature Sound: Ocean Roar

The sound of the ocean has always made me feel completely at peace, ok this is stating the obvious but there are lots of different nature sounds out there that people can resonate with – and the ocean particularly soothes my soul.

I used to have a student flat metres from the sea and at times of exam stress it would make me feel so much better. So rather than skim through my insta feed and then turn over to sleep, I popped my headphones in and pretended I was on my balcony* in Aberystywyth (where on earth is Aberystywth? It’s on the coast of Wales and it’s the best place to study in the world).

I soon fell asleep and woke up with my headphones still in. Excellent stuff.

*not actually a balcony. It was scaffolding which the builders forgot to take down for weeks – which might be fine for sitting on but is a bit dodge if you use it to dash down to next door’s flat after a few too many cider & blacks. So don’t do that.

Baby sleep sound: Car Ride

The baby then trialled the car sounds a few weeks later. Here’s what happened:

“Waar waar waar waaaaaa screeeeeeeeaaaaam!!!!!!”

*Car sound* “Waar waar waaaaaaa screaaaaam!”

*Car sound slightly louder* “Waaa waar waaaaaaa……”

*Car sound really frigging loud!!!* – SILENCE.

“Mummy, what’s that noise?! Daddy’s car?!”: in burst my toddler, eyes squinting, nappy pants on the brink of explosion. Oh bugger. Now I have two to deal with.

I coerced the toddler back to bed and returned to my baby. The car sound, whilst being deafeningly loud, seemed to be doing it’s job. Excellent. (Cue smug thought from me: ‘these bloggers perks are really good…’)


oh damn.

This continued for some time until I realised baby just wanted another drink. By which time toddler had got up 3 more times, asking if I needed any help.

I refrained from asking her to pour me a large gin & tonic.

Eventually, baby fell asleep with the help of her glow-in-the-dark dummy and the toddler and I curled up together listening to the sea (after the occasional interjection of “where’s the dolphin, mummy?”)

In conclusion:

The ocean sound is genuinely lovely for relaxing, even though it may stimulate a toddler’s imagination a little too much, it worked for me!

The car sound is great as an alternative to the hassle of getting in a car, the track is very realistic and I can even hear it going over what sounds like a bridge at one point. However, perhaps like her older sister, the little one is a Hairdryer or Hoover girl. Fade Away Sleep Sounds have obviously taken this into account because there is a generous selection of other sounds too…

Baby sleep sounds: Car Ride, Hairdryer, Washing Machine, Bath Tub, Electric Fan, Vacuum, Clothes Dryer, Sink Sounds, Shower Sounds, White Noise, Brown Noise, Pink Noise

Nature sounds: Rushing River, Thunderstorm, Ocean Roar, Rain & Wind Chimes, Rolling Thunder Rain Storm

Life sounds: Electric Fan, Sprinkler, Train on the Tracks!

Each download costs $2.99 (equivalent is approx. £2.31) or at the moment, if you sign up with your email address you can get a free White Noise sound. You can also buy a bundle package for $5.99 (approx £4.63).

So there you are, mums & dads. Another rambling about how tired I always am. But this time with safety advice: how to avoid a house fire and why you should be careful on scaffolding. You’re welcome.

This blog post is a promotion for Fade Away Sleep Sounds

You can follow them on Twitter and Facebook @FadeAwaySleep.

In return for this write up I received a free download of the Ocean Roar and Car Ride sounds. All Mummy Rules reviews are 100% honest and all opinions are the opinions of my crazy children and I.


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