How to change the world

Sometimes, horrible things happen to other people we don’t know, which leave us feeling shaken, sick, full to the brim with sadness and angry. In those moments we are also left feeling helpless.

Given the current news, I’ve been trying to keep busy, but as I made my daughter’s bed, a sad thought flashed into my mind…their beds. My eyes stung with tears and a huge lump swelled in my throat. 

What can we do? Spread helpline numbers on social media; give money – Daddy Rules donates regularly to NSPCC, who’s helpline today had been brimming with calls from frightened children. But what on earth else? Later, as I carried about my morning chores and lifted my baby from the shopping trolley to the car, I saw the other shoppers around me: neutral faced; going about their daily business; most likely affected by today’s event too.

I realised the answer is simple: to show love.

I think sometimes, we forget how simple that can be.

We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone – John Lennon

The people of Manchester are helping each other hugely at the moment – Paula Robinson took in over 50 children at the Holiday Inn, sharing her phone number on social media so that parents could make contact. There have been taxi drivers working all night for free to get people home safely. There was £1,000 in a victim’s family fund within an hour of it being set up. A homeless man helping the injured. 

Solidarity and kindness will help us get through today and make us stronger tomorrow.

Some of us might not be in Manchester physically, but our hearts are there. In our own quieter towns we can show kindness in smaller, different ways – by offering a smile at a tired parent on the school run, having a chat with the old lady in the post office, pulling over or thanking someone who gives us priority on the road, helping our neighbour find their lost dog. Choosing that over keeping ours heads down, ignoring, pushing in or being too busy. Whilst this won’t prevent evil and nastiness and it won’t bring innocent people back to life, being kind in our community will give out a little more positive energy. That’s what the world needs now…right?  

By being compassionate and taking time to appreciate and interact with the good humans who we walk this planet with, it will very gently, make us and the society around us feel stronger together.

Thoughts and love are with the children and families of Manchester. 

GM Police emergency helpline: 0161 856 9400

Childline: 0800 1111




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