Back to work? A review of my #mumskills

Today I had one of those days where…I think about updating my CV and looking for a job. It happens occasionally. The boss (child/ren) annoy me so I think, “right I’ll get a new job, where people actually respect me and don’t throw my work (dinner) in the air or make me escort them to the toilet and I can wear nice skirt suits and makeup instead of baked bean smudged joggers and a dry shampooed fringe”. Then usually the next day, after an interrupted night’s sleep, I am grateful for the fact that I don’t have to drag myself into work and feign professionalism; I can pull myself through the morning without talking any sense and have a sneaky nap at 2pm when the baby is in a milk coma and the toddler is captivated by Bing (…and I can’t fit into that skirt suit anyway).

It did get me thinking though, what is my current “skill set”. What attributes have I acquired in this role? Looking back at my old CV I did a bit of tweaking.

Oct 2013 – Present: Mum to 2 children

  • Sorting incoming and outgoing solids and fluids.
  • Answering the toddler and assisting with queries on a range of matters, from why is water wet; to why is it Tuesday; to what is that string between your legs mummy.
  • Dealing with situations of conflict on a regular basis (that’s MY piece of fluff, not yours!).
  • Liasing with (tiny) people of all levels.
  • Administering regular drinks and biscuits as required.
  • Working positively* in a busy home (*…everyone lies a little on their CV, right?)
  • Dealing with nappies on post-Ella’s-kitchen-Caribbean-Chicken transactions.
  • Assisting with lost toys for toddler clients.
  • Working independently where required (most of the time).
  • Providing support to toddlers on a wide range of tasks including when they insist on painting (yey) or emptying the entire toy box to look for “rabbit’s shoe” (it’s not there. Rabbit hasn’t got a shoe. Office emergency lockdown whilst the boss goes awol.)
  • Deputising as Daddy: trying to be fun occasionally with pyjama mornings and spontaneous adventures (…where we don’t even need to pack snacks let alone nappies, I’m so damn fun! Except we do. We really do.)
  • Able to demonstrate small human awareness and toddler aptitude in making decisions on a day-to-day basis (yes, you will need to do a wee-wee before we leave the house).
  • Managing time effectively (ok, we have 30 minutes until all hell breaks loose)
  • Experience working to deadlines (the bedtime hour/wine o’clock).

…So much for a career break huh? Anyway. That was much more fun than pointlessly updating my actual CV. I’m off to get some z’s before my miniature managers wake me up bright and early.

Mummy Rules x



4 thoughts on “Back to work? A review of my #mumskills

  1. Brilliant Tilly! I have often wondered about actually popping in some Motherhood key skills in my CV in that big blank section between 2014 and now but thought it might not be appreciated 😉 Not that it matters as it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon! #NeedMoreSleep #ThankGodIDontHaveToBeAtWork
    Thanks for linking up to #coolmumclub this week – love it when you pop by x

    Liked by 1 person

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