I Have A Teething Baby

Parenting Poetry #1

I have a teething baby
She's been teething for a decade - no, a day
A day of crying, snot and dribble
A day of still teething? 
No flipping way!

It's worse first thing in the morning
At night, tea-time and noon
It's definitely bad at dinner
Because she won't feed from a spoon

No mummy, I want to do it!
You can't get anything right
Because my gums are sore and I'm irritated
But I also need you, day and night

My nappies are so runny
My botty is so sore
The fluid is never ending
And my toothy pegs feel raw

I love my mummy's cuddles
So much that I still weep
Then she'll put me back in my cot again
Because "I obviously need a sleep"

No mummy, no I don't!
I just need YOU
I scream and bounce with rage
While mum is on the phone to her mum, who says
You were just like that at her age...

I must have calmed down a bit 
Because I woke up from a lovely doze
And I felt chipper, until my mum
Wiped the cement crust off my nose

I am a teething baby 
I am a mummy too
My teeth hurt,
My head hurts,
Now your sister needs the loo!

I am a teething mummy
I am a baby too
Coffee is good,
Calpol is GRAND.

...I think it's peeking through.


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