Present ideas for mummies that rule

There are loads of magazine articles and blog posts at the moment about what to get various family members for Christmas… “stuck for ideas?!”…I find them useful but actually the most difficult thing I find is when someone says to me, “what would YOU like for Christmas?” Sorry, me? Me? Someone is asking ME what I would like? WOW!

Immediately all I can think of is:

  • A day’s spa retreat, pre-arranged with childcare already begged for and booked in.
  • A new pair of boobs. That’s not a typo. I’ll get my boots in the Boxing Day sales.
  • 10 hours undisturbed sleep in a memory foam super-king size bed with black out curtain.
  • Mother’s Help.

And the things I want the least:

  • A book on baking (an old hobby, I can neither spare the time nor the calories these days).
  • Chocolates. Because otherwise this will happen:


I will eat all of the chocolates to GET RID of them after Christmas, not because I’m enjoying them.

And the things I can never have enough of:

  • Handcream
  • Pyjamas
  • Slippers
  • Slipper socks
  • Nice bubble bath
  • Gin
  • Wine

Oh god I really am a MUM.

But in a bid to be like one of those proper bloggers that schedules useful posts of things to make/buy/cook, I have decided to create a Christmas gift list. Well a list of things I have seen on the internet when shopping for other people, that I would actually like.


So I have already bought these for myself from the little ones:

This year Lakeland have some brilliant gifts that are perfect for mama’s or for someone on your Secret Santa list that you actually like. The Perfect Porridge Mug promises to easily measure your porridge oats and milk in the morning, all you need to do is fill it to the lines and pop it in the microwave (like Oats so Simple). As porridge is probably my best meal of the day, but can be quite fiddly in the morning amongst cries of “I want MORE Weetabix” and “WAAAAAA!!!” and “have you seen my wallet”? this gift will be very welcome. So thank you in advance, to my clever 10 month old for this purchase.


the Overnight Oats Mug is another good one for speedy but cold porridge – if you follow Slimming World you will love it! You do the same as above but prepare the night before.


Lakeland also have a Cake In A Mug: a great alternative to a box of chocolates as it means your chosen recipient can indulge as and when in chocolate emergencies (we all have them) without having to eat an entire batch of baking. That’s the idea anyway. Thank you to my 3 year old for this gift.


The next on my wish list is an organiser, for my life and everyone else’s.

I’ve been looking at these two, to me from me:

Organised Mum do a brilliant Family Life Book Diary (below).

Or, if you need something more custom made, Unique Planners by Pirongs let you design your own pages and content for your chosen hobbies/work. Bloggers can add blog planning pages, teacher’s can add lesson plan pages and so on. It even let’s you design and personalise your front cover with your own photos and quotes. I’m pretty sure I need this one in my life after getting co-worker envy the other day from Diary of a Devon Mum who had one out on her desk. So yes, that will be lovely – thank you, me.

***Pssst! Update: I now have a voucher code for 15% off a Pirongs Unique Planner. Use the promo code RJ35TU8 by 31.12.16 or NEW15 ****


This is where I have stopped already buying as these are actually on my wish lists.

Katie Kirby’s Hurrah for Gin is at number one for me. I absolutely love Katie’s blog (have you seen her latest post about Christmas?! My pelvic floor is still recovering from reading it) and this would keep me very happy in the corner for the whole of the season.

If you haven’t already got The Unmumsy Mum’s Guide to Motherhood (which I have) you obviously need it in your life right now. I read it during my second labour between gulps of gas & air; and the first time I met Sarah (only a few weeks later) I thanked her for being my second birthing partner. This book is a MUST for anyone who has been or is about to become a mum.

Cherry Healey’s Letters to My Fanny is on my wish list since seeing her earlier this year. Cherry is outrageously funny and honest and this book is basically her way of explaining to her daughter about being a woman, through letters to her body.

Finally, in the Mummy Rule’s fiction section is Ladybird’s hilarious ‘How It Works’ series, The Mum edition, which I was given for my birthday. This novelty gift makes a great addition to any tired mother’s bookshelf.


Despite not using them as much as I would like, I just LOVE a new cookbook! I will pour over them on Christmas Day and start the New Year with excellent intentions and an expensive shopping order made up of all the new ingredients I need for my home cooking. Then they will sit on the shelf all year, apart from occasions when we have friends over and I want to cook more than a meal inspired by a Colman’s packet. But I do enjoy them nevertheless. My cookbook wishes are:

Rachel Khoo’s Kitchen Notebook did you ever watch Rachel’s Little Paris Kitchen series? I decided there and then that I wanted her life; living in a tiny apartment in Paris, speaking French and collecting my groceries from the markets and hosting dinner parties in vintage skirts, red lipsticks and socks. Rachel is my cook girl crush (back in the day it used to be Nigella). I have two of her books but not this one!

Hemsley sisters Good + Simple. I haven’t had a Hemsley cookbook before but I’ve tried some of their recipes, which are so tasty, yet healthy. Again, the good intentions just ooze from this book…and don’t get me started on Madeleine Shaw’s Get The Glow. Believe me, Madeleine, I want the glow.


When it comes to gin, I can’t get enough of Sloe gin at the moment. G and my dad had a “gin off” last year but this year there haven’t been any sloe berries on Dartmoor, so I’ll have to make do with the perfectly delicious Plymouth Sloe Gin once we run out.



Mumsy but true: they have to be durable and stay on my feet. I don’t want to be tripping over them whilst carrying a baby with a toddler hanging off my leg. These Pom Pom Slippers from Next will do the job nicely. Babes likes eating a good slipper, so I am buying her a brand new clean pair for Christmas, along with an extension lead and a plug socket, her other two faves.



Lastly, in terms of beauty treats I’m a massive fan of Neals Yard Remedies now, despite only ever owning one product, the White Tea face mask. Yes it is pricey but I’ve had it a year and it’s still going. Champneys at Boots is pretty gorgeous too, although the last time I attempted a Champney’s infused relaxing bath I had to make do with a small person pooing next to me.

So there you are. Hopefully this has inspired you when people ask what YOU would like for Christmas. At the very least, it’s a list for my husband when shopping on 23rd December.



7 thoughts on “Present ideas for mummies that rule

  1. Ahaha love the ‘if you get chocolate bit’ so true, I’m sure I will be trying to get rid of them making myself feel sick lol!
    My boyfriend has already got my presents so now I have to go spend some money as your ideas are great! I need tht planned, the porridge mug and the gin lol! Who couldn’t do with another bottle of gin 🙊
    I hope you have a lovely Christmas x

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I am loving that porridge cup! What a fab idea. I have recently invested in the first two of your books that you’ve mentioned. (I know that Santa has no intention of bringing me either of them and so I took matters into my own hands haha). Great wish list. I hope The Big Man comes through for you! 😉 xx

    Liked by 1 person

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