How to survive a toddler sickness bug

  1. Accept that the next few days are going to be shit. In both senses of the word.


  1. Stock up on the following for the ill child: diarolyte (it’s disgusting mummy, disgusting!!) failing that –> squash; jelly; lollipops (getting any fluids down them in the sneakiest way possible), crips (salt replacement) and calpol (the saviour).


  1. Charge the iPad/tablet. Update any apps that need updating. You will need this to keep sick toddler in bed, resting. I didn’t do this. An ill child and patience doesn’t go together.


  1. Stock up on the following for yourself: hand gel, Milton antibacterial surface spray (it doesn’t leave a residue of horrid chemical smell behind); antibacterial wipes; vitamin C & zinc; echinacea; and Napisan (- sooo much cheaper than that dettol liquid wash stuff, Napisan is the stuff our mums all used and it’s still in supermarkets). Are you a hypochondriac? Am I? Possibly. But let’s face it, if you’re going to catch the bug it won’t be this weekend when your other half is home, it will be on Monday when you have to fly solo.


  1. Make sure you are on top of the washing. Sheets will need to be changed regularly. Otherwise they will have to sleep in your bed, so you will definitely have caught it by Monday.


  1. Be nice to each other parents, you are about to team up, Apprentice style and the task is to successfully survive a tiny person’s stomach bug without being caught in the firing line yourself.


  1. If you are lucky enough to be a two parent team during this episode, then take a child each to reduce the spread of infection. If you have an odd number of children; draw straws.


  1. Promote on Facebook so people feel sorry for toddler and you (and can offer support)…and to remind yourself that there is a world outside of vomit and antibacterial spray.


  1. Enjoy cuddles. Controversial but, if your toddler or baby is usually a bit of a nightmare, chances are a stomach bug will calm them down a bit and make them very cute and lovable. Make the most of it. Children get over these bugs really quickly; they’ll be back to being crazy happy within hours. And you’ll be exhausted.


  1. Never feel guilty about not making it into work. Because I bet you are using up your own sick or holiday days, aren’t you?! (I mean seriously…parents with pre-schoolers should be given leave allowance. And a bottle of wine on their desk when they drag themselves back in).


and lastly…


11.   In my experience, the best recovery meal? A plate of potato smilies. Every time.


Did you like this? Did it make you smile or laugh? Did it even actually contain some useful advice?  Really?! Well then, be a dear and like or share…a plate of smilies will be on their way to you. 



4 thoughts on “How to survive a toddler sickness bug

  1. I feel your pain! This is us right now. The hubby and both tots are down! I feel a little bit like Florence Nightingale right now but I know that somewhere between here and the Potato Smiles I’m going to be taken down too! (Not until the other three are better and bouncing off the walls again though obvs!) Thank you for the giggles though. Loved your tips – and I’m definitely going to seek out some Napisan! Hope you’re all on the mend now. Big hugs! X

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yeah I hadn’t heard of Napisan til my mum told me that’s what she used to soak nappies in! Good huh? Oh goodness, good luck. I am still OK…perhaps being completely OCD with the hand gel worked, or maybe I’ve just jinxed it! Thanks for reading x

      Liked by 1 person

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