Spare time

Working mums, stay at home mums, self employed mums…what do you do in your ‘spare time’? This question has probably sparked off raucous laughter in your head if not out loud. Because the fact of the matter is, that as soon as you become a mum, spare time is either non-existent or extremely limited.

However, if you are lucky there are those occasions when your child might be taken out to the park by a saintly relative or at nursery for a couple of hours. Often these occasions are surprising so you can’t plan anything in advance (like a trip to a spa or a night out…sigh). So what do you do in this time? Here are the options:

  1. Sleep
  2. ….ok I really want to do that now. Why am I sat at the computer?
  3. Clean the house.
  4. …oh no, that thought is just making me want to sleep more!
  5. Put some make up on.
  6. …pointless if I am going to take a nap.
  7. Sort out the build up of household admin: bills, etc: get really organised.
  8. …i just need to locate all of this stuff first.
  9. Watch Netflix.
  10. …this could be a good compromise on sleep. And then this evening instead of watching Netflix I will do some chores.
  11. …in fact I could clean the house when the Tot comes home, if I put her in front of Peppa Pig.
  12. …So this frees me up for sleep.
  13. I really should do a grocery shop.
  14. …I know, just a quick nap and then I will get on with everything else.
  15. Just had an email I need to respond to.
  16. …Better remove that full potty from the living room, looks a bit unsightly.
  17. Cup of tea and toast first.
  18. …How has 2 hours passed? I haven’t got time for a sleep!
  19. Toddler is home demanding Sooty, Sweep and chocolate buttons.
  20. …Ok there’s always bedtime.

Notes: I am self employed so obviously I always put work at the top of this list when Tot is at nursery, but I wanted to make it generic so everyone can relate…*ahem*…yep.



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